simple way to build a PC


This website is for any user who wishes to build a Basic Personal Computer System, it contains simple steps and straightforward explanation on how build a basic personal computer (PC). For each step there is a simple and straightforwad detailed explanation, and images to demonstrate how the part is installed. It has a GoTo step tab where you can go directly to a particular step detail. It has Computer parts tab, in whre you can search for a particular computer part and its description. Halfway through the build it will display a semi-completed desktop computer, this will give you an birds eye view of what you have completed. After completing the steps a sample of a built system is displayed, and warning section, to warn the builder to be aware of any electrical incidents that might occur. it has steps to follow incase this might happen.

This website is for educational purposes only, it is meant to teach the user how to build a basic computer system, to increase the user technical skills and knowledge.

Developed in 2019.

The WebSite is constantly updated.